And then there is the issue of training, which is probably even more important than the type of equipment you select for your particular application. No use buying a Mustang if you have only ever played Grand Theft Auto … and sucked at it, to boot.

No, dude, you need Yoda-level training, to let the force of Goscor Access Rental flow through you.

It is also important for your fellow employees to feel like Jedi, which is why we offer Operator Familiarisation Training. Again, the magic words here are ‘Safety’, ‘Productivity’, and ‘Efficiency’.

In other words, to make your workers @#$! hot at their jobs, so hopefully you get to play more golf (which is a totally different meaning of Powered Access).

P.S. Goscor Access Rental provides machine-specific familiarisation training for every operator prior to a machine being handed over. This is so you do not @#$! up our equipment. This is expensive @#$!, dude!

Again, all of these sessions are conducted in full accordance with international safety norms and directives. It is not as if we have suddenly hired SuzelleDIY to do a skit on access rental and working-at-height safety. These guys are highly professional experts with extensive industry experience and knowledge that they just love to impart to others. In this way, we all help to make our industry better and safer!

We even go to your site, providing you can offer decent refreshments, thereby ensuring operators are fully comfortable operating our machines in their actual working environment. This is not Avatar Virtual Reality … Safety and proficiency is our main ‘hoo ha’ mantra.

The icing on the cake is that a certificate is issued to every operator upon completion of the training. Which means you have something cool to hang on your wall, and show the rest of your colleagues what a bad-ass you are!­­

But for the cherry (that hasn’t been picked yet – get it?) on top, we can also facilitate competency training. Dude, this is the training that elevates you (get it again?) to a whole new dimension of awesomeness, a Jedi’s Jedi, if you like.

The @#$! hot MEWP Operator who aces the training will be conferred with the professional designation of MEWP Practitioner by the IWH PB (Institute for Work at Height, Professional Body. So, you are like a Doctor … well, not really.

Ja, we hear you, dude, big words! Believe us when we tell you that a Competent Operator is a big deal in the industry, where safety and efficiency are @#$! Important!

And there are additional benefits thrown in for free, nogal. For starters, you stay abreast of all the necessary legal requirements – no chance of falling foul of the law in this regard, boet.

So, the question you should be asking yourself is simply: Why hang with the turkeys, if you can soar with the eagles? Don’t delay; get in touch with us today!