Rock! Paper! Scissor lifts! One of our most impressive pieces of equipment – great for braais, soirees, and rugby matches – are our scissor lifts.

We offer an extensive range of slab and rough-terrain scissor lifts. Applications range from the great outdoors to the small indoors.

Our scissor lifts not only boast excellent capacity and even larger platform workspace, we can also brag about their competitive speed and increased productivity. Outstanding!

And if you are the type who likes to get down-and-dirty (please no Fifty Shades of Grey jokes, as we are talking about technological heights here, not plumbing the depths of human curiosity), our rough-terrain scissor lifts are especially robust for construction sites, while our slab scissor lifts are ideal for manoeuvring in tight spaces.

Yup, they are especially perfect for maintenance and installation applications, with firm, level surfaces. Our range includes electric- and diesel-powered equipment, and a selection of compact options to suit various needs. Everything you will ever need, all under one roof!

  • PB Lifttechnik 171-12ES

    Working height  – 17.03 m

    Deck extension  – 1.0 m

    Up & over clearance – 15.03 m

    Platform capacity  – 400 kg

    Width – 1.2 m

    Unit weight – 4670 kg


  • PB Lifttechnik 175-19E 4×4

    Working height  – 17.8 m

    Deck extension  – 2.2 m

    Up & over clearance – 15.08 m

    Platform capacity  – 500 kg

    Width – 1.9 m

    Unit weight – 8980 kg



    Working height  – 22.5 m

    Deck extension  – 1.5 m

    Up & over clearance – 20.5 m

    Platform capacity  – 450 kg

    Width – 1.2 m

    Unit weight – 10 290 kg